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The Fair Trade Bead Shoppe

Jan. 7th, 2025

09:56 pm

Welcome to the Fair Trade Bead Shoppe!

UPDATE 2/29/2012: I am moving everything over to The Smiling Turtle etsy store and doing a "destashing," since I am no longer technically in business. Please hop on over and take advantage of the reduced prices.

What little inventory I have left is being moved over to my ebay store, The Smiling Turtle.

I had hoped to give customers a little place on the Internet with various fair trade jewelry-making items. I wanted to make it easier to purchase these items from around the world, and to increase consumer awareness.

However, I do not have the funding for this project. One day, I hope to make it a reality. For now, I will continue doing what I can, and I hope that others will be encouraged to buy fair trade beads and findings as well.

I WILL still be deleting any and all comments from spammers right away, as always.

More about fair trade, and the reasons for this store's existence!Collapse )